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The third generation of le energy brand - screen filter model head is officially listed


The third generation of le energy brand - screen filter model was officially listed earlier this month.
Compared with the second generation, the third generation products have the following characteristics:
1. High number of eyes, actually achieve 60 mesh and 80 mesh screen. This is a small step in the technology of le energy technology, but it is a big leap for plastic granulation industry.
2. Improved the appearance structure of the equipment, making our mold head more portable, beautiful and durable;

3. Improved the design structure of the product and made our products suitable for producing more materials.
4. Added more automation elements, and will free the labor to implement all aspects of the product thoroughly;
This year, le can also have many new breakthroughs in technology. At present, no matter from the perspective of the performance and quality of product, we have stood in the top of the industry, we have to do is constantly breakthrough self, bring more surprise to industry.